BSO Code of conduct

As a code of conduct is a norm, rules and regulation of an organization which ensures the standards of working condition, BSO establishes all the standards to ensure the workers are treated with respect and dignity. BSO is always with the value which is committed to support the rights, respect & dignity of the workers. At BSO, we conduct our business operations adhering to our business code of conduct.

Compliance with domestic and International laws.

No one is above the law, so everything should be as per the Government Policy and rules. All the legal formalities, license and permits should be in place and renewed on time. The policies and procedure should comply with the government rules and regulations (domestic and international) at every step.

Equal & Fair Treatment with awe to right of workers.

There shall be equal free and open competition avoiding monopoly in the market, strictly abiding by all applicable fair competition and antitrust laws. As well, company shall comply with all applicable laws and regulation guided by local law and RBA code of conduct. At the recruitment process all applicant should be treated equally and fairly.

Working Environment- Safe & Healthy

The Occupational Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Response is taken care at the working site. Emergency situations and events are to be identified and assessed, and their potential impact minimized by implementing emergency resources, plans and response procedures. These include appropriate fire detection and suppression equipment, adequate exit facilities, emergency reporting, employee notification and evacuation procedures, worker training and drills, and recovery plans.

Admiration pro to diversity through Humane Treatment & Non-Discrimination.

There is to be no harsh and inhumane treatment including any sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of workers; nor is there to be the threat of any such treatment. Disciplinary policies and procedures in support of these requirements shall be clearly defined and communicated to workers.

The employees should be recruited on the basis of their suitability for the job without discrimination. Companies shall not engage in discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or national origin, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, covered veteran status, protected genetic information or marital status in hiring and employment practices such as wages, promotions, rewards, and access to training. Participants should be committed to a workforce free of harassment and unlawful discrimination Workers shall be provided with reasonable accommodation for religious practices. In addition, workers or potential workers should not be subjected to medical tests or physical exams that could be used in a discriminatory way.

Freedom of Movement & Freely chosen Employment.

Freedom of Movement & Withholding of original & private documents:

There shall be no unreasonable restrictions on workers’ freedom of movement in the facility in addition to unreasonable restrictions on entering or exiting company-provided facilities. They are provided with the access to drinking water, toilet facilities, and secure personal storage. 

B.S. OVERSEAS PVT.LTD shall respect the right of all workers to form and   join trade unions of their own choosing, to bargain collectively and to engage in peaceful assembly as well as respect the right of workers to refrain from such activities. Workers and/or their representatives shall be able to openly communicate and share ideas and concerns with management regarding working conditions and management practices without fear of discrimination, reprisal, intimidation or harassment.

B.S. OVERSEAS PVT.LTD shall not hold the original document of the workers without any valid reason, if it is required for any legal formalities or visa stamping, it will be well informed and will be returned as soon as the process is complete with permission from the worker. An official slip of receipt is provided to the candidate with the signature of the employee who received the passport along with the reason and stipulated time frame. Once the process is finished, the passport will be returned back to the candidate.

The private information of the worker will not be disclosed to anyone except the Top management.

Freely Chosen Employment:

Workers shall not be required to pay employers’ recruitment fees or other related fees for their employment. If any such fees are found to have been paid by workers, such fees shall be repaid to the worker.

Company shall not use forced, bonded (including debt bondage) or indentured labor, involuntary or exploitative prison labor. Slavery or trafficking of persons shall not be prevailed in the due period of recruitment process. Additionally, this comprises transporting, harboring, recruiting, transferring or receiving persons by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction or fraud for labor or services.

There shall be no unreasonable restrictions on workers’ freedom of movement in the facility in addition to unreasonable restrictions on entering or exiting company-provided facilities. They are provided with the access to drinking water, toilet facilities, and secure personal storage.

As part of the hiring process, workers shall be provided with a written employment     agreement in their native language that contains a description of terms and conditions of employment prior to the worker departing from his or her country of origin and there shall be no substitution or change(s) allowed in the employment agreement upon arrival in the receiving country unless these changes are made to meet local law and provide equal or better terms.

Company does not withhold or keep applicants or worker’s original personal documents at any time and for any reason unless required for the recruitment process. At time of receiving workers passport a passport collection receipt is provided with the time frame with the consent of workers. However, a fireproof and waterproof storage is provided to the workers keep their original documents and other personal valuables.

If a worker is leaving the company after completion of contract or resign or terminated before completion of contract, will not have to make any kind of payment to the company in regards to whatsoever.

Transparent Engagement & Protection of Identity.

Worker are well aware of the details of working conditions, salary details  and other terms and conditions  at the time of to provide them a copy of employment contract once they are selected before going for medical test  . The contract should be in both English and Nepali so that the works understand it well. All the details are also informed to them verbally and any changes made are clearly communicated with them.

The identity of the employee with any kind of violation of policy is known only to the highest Manager. The corrective action should only provide prevention of repetition of the violation and should safeguard the protection of identity and retaliation with monitoring from a specific staff assigned.

The identity of whistleblower is also protected

Child labor avoidance & précised working hours, wages & benefits.

Child labor shall not to be used in any of the work. Workers under the age of 18 (Young Workers) shall not perform work that is likely to jeopardize their health or safety, including night shifts and overtime. Employer shall ensure proper management of workers through proper maintenance of records.

a) Working Hours:

Working hours must not exceed the maximum set by local law. As per the Business Practices by RBA, the worker strain leads to reduced productivity, increased turnover and increased injury and illness. Further, a workweek should not be more than 60 hours per week, including overtime, except in emergency or unusual situations. Workers shall be allowed at least one day off every seven days.

In addition to the above workers are entitled to mandated breaks, holidays and vacation days to which they are legally entitled, including time off when ill or for maternity leave.

b) Wages and Benefits:

The workers are paid workers accurate wages on time. Compensation paid to workers shall   comply with all relevant wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits. In compliance with local laws, workers shall be compensated for overtime at pay rates greater than regular hourly rates. Deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure shall not be permitted.

All the workers are provided with the social insurance and other benefits as required by local law.

Respect for Intellectual property’s right.

BSO respects the right of its client’s employees, jobseekers and workers to not disclose the information that is protected by law and does not disclose information that may dis- advantage their future. The information and documents of clients, candidates and employee should be protected.

Compliance with Ethical Management System & zero cost recruitment practices.
a) Management Accountability and Responsibility:

The management team and system is the backbone of any company, without it nothing can function properly. All the required information and job duties should be communicated well to all the employees, clients, partners and it should be clearly mentioned in the business and employment contracts. The process of monitoring, evaluation and reporting and keeping of records should be in place which should include confidentiality and safety of records. No disclosure of personal information should happen.

b) Training:

Regular training of staffs regarding the ethical recruitment principles and standards, systems and procedure should be done so that only the ethical recruitment is practiced.

c) Communication:

The communication should be transparent between employer, employees, company and workers.

For workers, the original detailed employment contract both in English and Nepali is provided to the candidates at the time of interview, during the [processing and also before deployment.

For Employees, the workplace policies and procedures and employee handbook are provided to all the employees.

For Company, a MOU with all the required terms and conditions are signed before any demand is posted. All the updates of interview, selection, medical update and deployment details are communicated by emails and direct call.

d) Corrective Action Plan:

If any issues are faced during the course of work, a corrective action plan is developed with the help of management team and implemented immediately.

In case of any violation of policies by any employees, the highest level manager will confront and take action keeping the highest standard of integrity.

e) Continual Improvement:

BSO focuses on continual improvement in terms of annual targets, services to candidates and clients and management system. It is discussed and improvements or any drawbacks is recorded and amended.

f) Zero Cost Recruitment:

The candidate should not pay any fees to anyone for his employment. No other item of value may be given or committed to the company in lieu of fees (jewelry, livestock, phones, service etc. Employee shall not bear any of the expenses for fooding, transportation, Passport Registration Charges, during the recruitment process. Workers shall not pay recruitment fees. Accommodation expenses, food expenses, transportation expenses prior to departure will be reimbursed by the Employer. The Employer prohibits bonds or deposits by workers or by others on their behalf. Company policy prohibits charging workers for out-bound transportation, lodging costs and any fees including repayment of government levies with successful completion of the contract or early termination with adequate notice.

The provision in case if the candidates state that s/he have paid any amount of money or lieu of fees to any of the person then we will return his money or lieu of fees according to the process/ policy of reimbursement maintained by BSO. To whom s/he states to have paid we would take the necessary disciplinary as well as legal action for the culprit.

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